Church of the Holy Redeemer – User reviews

Church: Church of the Holy Redeemer

Phone: (718) 693-9386

Address: 2267 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226-3201

Services: Religious Organizations

Selecting the church service which is right for your family and you is a very personal and involved decision. There are thousands of various denominations, religions and churches in the USA alone. When choosing a church or religions service there are a few things you need consider.

What is the Denomination?

You will need to know what your denomination is or have an idea when choosing your church in Brooklyn, 11226. There are so many variations within each of the denominations and you will want to decide which services you want to attend if you plan to attend any. If you want to go to a Religious Organizations please do your research and find what is the best for you and your family.

Hours of Services

There many types of church services that are held at normal times and some at irregular hours, you should be able to find one that fits your needs in Brooklyn, NY. You can check online if the church as a website or use the number provided above to call for hours. Sometimes you might need a church that offers Wednesday services rather than Sunday this is something think about.

Extras Amenity’s

There are churches in Brooklyn that offer you “extras” that can help you with your worship and make life just a bit easier. One of these to consider is do they have a nursery or religious child care to allow you to go to the regular service without your children? Do they have quality Sunday school for your children?

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